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How to Clean an Artificial Christmas Tree?

It is sad to say that dust and other pollen particles can also thrive in artificial ones. So better yet, read this article for you to learn how to clean an artificial Christmas tree.

Many people use artificial Christmas tree as part of their decoration in the advent season. For some reasons, people love to use this because they think that they will be free from allergens seen in real Christmas trees.

Check the manufacturer’s instruction provided in the box on how to clean them. If you found none, you can visit their website and ask for an instruction. But still, if you can’t find an answer, here below is what you are looking for.

• Start taking out the tree from the box. You may start arranging the tree as you take them out, this will probably help you manage your time properly. If your Christmas tree is tall enough, use a ladder as you go up.

• Put a cloth or any sheet under the base of the tree. This will help you collect all the dust particles that fall easily. Then, just shake the cloth outside after you are done.

• As you go on assembling the tree, you have to take hold of the branch properly to ensure that it will not topple down or might as well have somebody who can assist you in cleaning. Never let it lean on wall or at the furniture to prevent scratches and other damages.

• Before using a vacuum cleaner see to it that the filter is clear so that you would prevent fine dust from escaping your vacuum.

• Test your vacuum first before doing the chore as some vacuum cleaners would have a strong power in removing all dust. After that, you may start vacuuming at the top since dust particles will surely fall from top to bottom.

• Stay at least ½ to 1 inch away from the tree in to prevent vacuuming the body. If you see that your tree is not strongly pulled by the vacuum, you may apply slight pressure when cleaning.

• Never allow any branch to be sucked by your vacuum as this would damage the parts of your tree.

• Remember to work your way down all the time.

• Then, fill a pail with water and soap. Do not use any harsh cleaner as this may damage your plastic-made-tree. Eleven months of storage can cause a musty odour. Dish soap cleaners work well in cleaning as this would give a fragrant scent.

• Never soak the whole tree in a tub of water. Instead, allow a damp towel to touch your tree and collect all debris.

• Wipe all parts of your tree including the branches and its trunk. You may change the water in your pail as necessary.

• Do not neglect an old Christmas tree. Simple wipe and wash would help you restore the previous look of your tree.

• Get the dirty cloth/sheet by folding first the corner towards the centre. Following this step will help prevent you from letting dust escape from the sheet.

• When storing, keep it covered by a newspaper to prevent dust from accumulating to your tree.

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