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Telephone Cleaning

Telephone cleaning service is a disinfection service that includes removal of dust & debris and elimination of bacteria from the handset receiver. A deep clean procedure is carried with the help of an anti-bacterial solution and wipes on the handset, receiver, and keypad of the telephone to provide defense against bacteria and diseases.

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The telephone set surfaces are cleaned with an aqueous base. All marks which are practicable to remove will be removed. we aim to restore the equipment as closely as possible (and within the bounds of reasonable practicability) to its original condition and appearance. Complete achievement (if achievable) of this will usually take two or three cleans. Obviously, the degree of success will depend on the age of the unit and the degree of abuse to which it has been subjected.

Generally, we would expect to remove biro marks, sticky labels and other marks which have not permanently damaged the sub-structure of the telephone. Glass and transparent surfaces are cleaned with a proprietary glass cleaner. Mouthpiece and earpiece are finished with a surface-active biocide. Contact our Computer & Telephone Cleaning service team for a free quote or professional advice.

What is Cleaned

Telephones: Surround, side-front and rear surfaces. Exterior surfaces. Buttons & Switches. Transparent and other surfaces. Receiver Earpiece & Mouthpiece. Receiver Cable. Input cable where this is visible and accessible.

Cleaning Service Quality

To leave the telephone looking to a casual observer as though it has just been installed. To leave transparent and highly polished surfaces clean and smear-free.

Cleaning Procedure

The Phone Body

Moisten a cloth with the dishwashing liquid solution and wipe the surface of the telephone. For hard-to-reach spots, such as the spaces between raised numbers, use cotton swabs
dipped in rubbing alcohol. Be careful not to get any liquid near the hook-switch, speaker, or other openings.

The Handset

Clean the handset with a cloth soaked with rubbing alcohol; since this is the part of the phone that touches your face, it is important to disinfect it. Be very careful not to pour alcohol directly onto the phone. You can also use pre-moistened disinfectant wipes to clean the handset.

The Cord

To clean a dirty cord, remove it from the phone, and dampen a cloth with water and a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid. Rub the cord down with the cloth, and dry with a second cloth. Make sure the cord is absolutely dry before you reattach it to the phone.

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