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Computer Cleaning

Computer cleaning is basically a professional service that helps to remove dust and germs from your office keyboard and telephones. Meaning, it renews the physical state of computer equipment using specialist products such as biocidal solutions and antibacterial wipes. In essence, only an expert computer cleaning company can achieve high-quality results without causing any damage to the computer equipment. They, by all means, provide safe, fast, reliable, and cost-effective services that add value to your organisation.

computer cleaning

An expert commercial cleaning company certainly knows the line and length of the computer cleaning requirements. They, therefore, provide far superior solutions as compared to a traditional or domestic cleaner. This because they comparatively have the required level of knowledge, training, insurance, and cleaning equipment.

Besides professional service delivery, they also provide full visibility of their products and services through correct advice and knowledge sharing. Download the PDF version of the company catalogue for further information and service packages. This provides a few examples as an illustration of our services.

Office Computer Cleaning UK

computer cleaning

Businesses in the UK and worldwide today are significantly dependent on computers. Besides the important role of the office computer, it introduces some cleaning related risks. Whether a studio office or headquarters, office computer cleaning services certainly bring important health benefits to your workspace.

Firstly, the cleaning protects staff from infectious germs found on the surface of the keyboard, mouse etc. Secondly, the cleaning service ensures that the computer equipment and its components run optimally.

Computer Cleaning Services

As a matter of fact, diversity in the services can help to fulfil the unique individual requirements. With this in mind, computer cleaning offers bespoke services in the following forms:

Keyboard Cleaning

clean keyboard

To give a keyboard a deep clean service, firstly it is important to unplug electricity because of the safety reasons. “Compressed air can” flushes out debris, bread crumbs, as well as other unwanted tiny materials stuck hard between the keys. Similarly, the air extracting vacuum pump is helpful to suck out the loose bits and pieces.

A soft electronics cleaning anti-static brush safely removes the dirt and dust when genteelly run between the keys. Also, it helps to swiftly remove dust from the outer surface of the keyboard. Finally, the antibacterial keyboard wipes do the trick of surface polishing and protection from bacteria and grimes.

Monitor Screen Cleaning

clean monitor screen

To give a monitor a deep clean service (dust and fingerprints) firstly, the electric cutoff is essential for safety reasons. Whether an LCD, LED, TFT monitor or flat-panel display screen microfibre cloth and screen cleaning wipes do excellent cleaning service. A thorough but gentle procedure with the help anti-static brushes and screen fluid spray makes the cleaning easy and safe.

It not only removes the dirt, dust, and residues but also give the monitor panel a fresh look. Also, the restores the picture and visual quality of the screen.

Computer and Telephone Cleaning Services

The office telephone set is often the forgotten item when requesting a cleaning service for the office computer cleaning. The telephone hand receiver/dialling pad look clean but can reveal thousands of germs/bacteria when through an ATP Adenosine triphosphate test. For this reason, the cleaning telephone set becomes as important as your office computer cleaning. A deep cleaning procedure basically helps to remove dirt, dust, and other impurities from the telephone. Additionally, the use of anti-bacterial solution and wipes provide defence against bacteria and diseases.

Computer Deep Cleaning Inside and Outside

deep cleaning

In brief, deep cleaning is exceptionally intense cleaning service. In this process dirt, dust, bread crumbs, and other debris cleaned from the computer inside as well as outside. Deep cleaning requires attention to details because the primary focus is to remove dust and debris stuck inside the computer.

As a matter of fact, deep cleaning is a more labour intensive process and requires special knowledge and cleaning tools.

Keyboard and Mouse Sanitisation

computer cleaning

In contrast, keyboard and mouse sanitisation is a step beyond the normal cleaning. This involves killing or reduction of bacteria so that the risk of germs transmission come down a safer level. For this purpose, the public health standards outline the required level of germs reduction to lower the risk of infections.

The most important feature of computer sanitizers is that it kills 99.999% of the specific bacteria in 30 seconds. On the positive side, the recommended sanitizers are safe to use in the office environment.

Computer Cleaning Case Study

bacteria cleaning

According to a study, Pathogens such as E-Coli, hepatitis, and MRSA have been found on the surface of computer equipment. Such as PC units, keyboards, mouse etc in many reputable offices. A PhD Scholar at the University of North Carolina (UNC) conducted research on the keyboard overall cleanliness. The researcher took 25 different keyboards as a sample to illustrate their hygiene level.

They found each keyboard contaminated with at least two kinds of bacteria. Also, 20 out of 25 keyboards (80%) had 13 types of bacterial contamination.

Commercial Aspects

Companies in the UK and worldwide hire the most important and talented people to brainstorm ideas for saving them money. Professionals have emphatically concluded that a big portion of cost saving is somehow related to their employee’s welfare. Spending a fraction of funds on computer cleaning can certainly benefit your company in the long run. For example, a simple keyboard and telephone set cleaning can easily protect staff from illnesses. Similarly, a deep clean of computer equipment increase its lifespan.

Consequences of Uncleaned Computer

Due to a short-term cost-saving strategy, some companies ignore the importance of computer cleaning. They, in the long run, face greater consequences which could have been easily avoided. It has been observed that computer equipment in the workplace is particularly an ideal place for microbial pathogen germs. In fact, only one member can easily transfer germs onto all components. This can further infect all other members that come in contact with the infected person or equipment.

As a result, germs affected computer equipment can lead staff to suffer from minor and major illnesses. The minor diseases such as cold and flu can cause staff absenteeism. The other more dangerous viruses can cause serious illnesses such as MRSA and hepatitis. The serious issues can subsequently lead to legal actions from the employees. In both cases, the company suffer from financial loss and may lose reputation. According to a survey, on average staff absenteeism due to illness costs £972 to UK businesses per employee each year.

How to Overcome the Cleaning Issues?

computer cleaning solutions

For over 10 years computer cleaning is undeniably helping business in the UK to solve their unique cleaning issues. We have delivered 1000s of successful cleaning services nationwide, your business is surely the next one. We provide you with the full flexibility of choosing the cleaning schedule so that our services don’t cause business interruptions.

To demonstrate our ability to successfully overcoming your cleaning requirements we will discuss and send you the appropriate documentation beforehand.

Recommendations by Manufacturers

Indeed all computer manufacturers recommend standard cleaning procedures to avoid voiding the service warranty. [Manufacturers such as Dell/EMC, HP/Compaq, Microsoft, Fujitsu, IBM, Intel etc.] Choosing the right professional computer cleaning company is, therefore, an important activity for any serious business. When you choose the correct computer cleaning company, save thousands of pounds otherwise spend on equipment repair and staff absentees.

The Purpose and Significance of Computer Cleaning

Firstly, the regular cleaning of your office computers helps to protect your employees from bacteria, germs, and other diseases. Secondly, the cleaning itself improves the computer equipment lifespan which enhances the speed and productivity of your computer-based services. As a result, it reduces the chances of absenteeism of staff and improves the overall performance of your employees.

Furthermore, cleanliness in the workplace undoubtedly attracts employees to love their office environment and shiny computers. The employees tend to spend more time on their computers when they are clean and hygienically look healthy. The staff tends to work with more dedication because the clean environment matters a lot. It certainly gives them a sense of ownership which in the result improve productivity. The computer cleaning professional cleaners have helped many businesses to significantly reduce their employees call in sick.

Best Practices for Cleaning Maintenance

  • When not using the computer machine, it should always be cover with a Computer Dust Cover.
  • Never switch on the computer when the dust cover is around it.
  • When using a computer, try to stay away from food/drinks and never touch the computer with messy or contaminated fingers.
  • Daily surface clean your computer, in particular, the keyboard, mouse and monitor screen
  • Clean your computer when you finish or start work, this will help to avoid excessive dust accumulation.
  • Use keyboard cover protector, It helps protects the keyboard from dust and debris but at the same time allows typing.
  • When it is on, make sure that no object is too close to the fan vents, allow cool air circulation.
  • Schedule a deep clean once a month covering all parts of the computer i.e. keyboard, monitor/screen, mouse, fan, tower vents.
  • Last but not least, for internal cleaning consider hiring a professional service to avoid damage and voiding the warranty.

Essentials of Computer Cleaning

  • The computer cleaning best practices ensure quality results but it mainly focuses on safety.
  • The most important factor is to adhere to the approved cleaning standards and procedures.
  • Professional cleaning training is the essential element of the process otherwise, nothing will help.
  • Similarly, eco-friendly cleaning products and anti-static cleaning tools are essential for safety.
  • While it may be true that customer comes first, it’s far more effective when yourself in their shoes.

Features of our Cleaning Services

  • Computer manufacturers’ recommended cleaning procedures with attention to details.
  • Company insurance with cleaners background security check.
  • 24/7/365 cleaning operations and response in due time.
  • Clear communication and detailed documentation.
  • Application of green cleaning products whenever possible.
  • Nationwide cleaning operations for your local convenience.
  • State of the art cleaning equipment and HSE/COSHH Cleaning practices
  • Competitive prices coupled with guaranteed service.

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We certainly love hearing from you. Contact us with any queries and questions about our computer cleaning services we will respond without delay. We also welcome you if you are looking for general information, special advice, or a free quote.

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