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Computer Cleaning

“Cost-Effective Professional Computer Cleaning Service in London & Nationwide in the UK”

Computer cleaning is a professional service that helps to remove dust and germs from your office PC keyboard and telephones. What this means is that it renews the physical state of computer equipment through the use of specialized products such as biocidal solutions and antibacterial wipes.

Because of the specific needs and skills required, only an expert computer cleaning company can achieve high-quality results without causing any damage to the computer equipment. Computer equipment requires specific tools and cleaning solutions as to not damage the products, and those who do not specialize in this area cannot ensure that damage will not occur. They, by all means necessary, provide safe, fast, reliable, and cost-effective services that add value to your organisation.

computer cleaning

An expert PC and Desktops commercial cleaning company certainly knows the necessary procedures and needs of the computer to meet its cleaning requirements. They, therefore, provide far superior solutions in comparison to a traditional or domestic cleaner. This is true because they, unlike ordinary cleaners, have the required level of knowledge, training, insurance, and cleaning equipment.

Besides professional service delivery, they also provide full visibility of their products and services through accurate advice and sharing of knowledge. Download the PDF version of the company catalogue for further information on their offers as well as their service packages. This provides a few examples as an illustration of our services.

Office Computer Cleaning UK

computer cleaning

Businesses in the UK and worldwide today are significantly dependent on computers. However, because an office computer is so important to many businesses, there are some cleaning related risks that must be addressed Whether you have a studio office or an office headquarter, office computer cleaning services certainly bring important benefits to your workspace and business as a whole.

Firstly, the cleaning of the keyboards ensures that your staff is protected from infectious germs that are often found on the surface of a keyboard, mouse, etc. Secondly, the cleaning service ensures that the computer equipment and its components run optimally and are always up to or above standard maintenance.

Computer Cleaning Services

Diversifying the services you receive can help to fulfill the unique individual requirements. With this in mind, computer cleaning offers bespoke services in the following forms:

Keyboard Cleaning

clean keyboard

To give a keyboard a deep clean service, it is important to first unplug any form of electricity due to safety reasons and precautions. Using a “compressed air can” can help to flush out debris, breadcrumbs, and any other unwanted tiny materials that can get stuck between the keys. Similarly, an air extracting vacuum pump is helpful to suck out the loose bits and pieces.

A soft electronics cleaning anti-static brush will allow you to safely remove the dirt and dust by gently running between the keys. Also, it helps to swiftly remove dust from the outer surfaces of the keyboard. Finally, the antibacterial keyboard wipes do the trick of surface polishing and protection from bacteria and grimes.

Monitor Screen Cleaning

clean monitor screen

To give a monitor a deep clean service from stuff such as dust and fingerprints, you must first cut off the electricity for safety reasons. Whether you have an LCD, LED, TFT monitor or flat-panel display screen, microfibre cloths and screen cleaning wipes will effectively clean your screen. A thorough but gentle procedure with the help of anti-static brushes and screen fluid spray makes the cleaning process easy and safe.

This process not only removes the dirt, dust, and residue but also gives the monitor panel a fresh look. Also, it restores the picture and visual quality of the screen.

Computer and Telephone Cleaning Services

The office telephone set is often the forgotten item when requesting a cleaning service for the office though it can often contain the most germs and grime based on how many people touch and use it. The telephone hand receiver/dialing pad may look clean to the eyes but can actually have thousands of germs/bacteria when put through an ATP, or adenosine triphosphate test. For this reason, cleaning your office telephone set becomes just as important as your office computer cleaning.

A deep cleaning procedure helps to remove dirt, dust, and other impurities from the telephone. Additionally, the use of anti-bacterial solution and wipes provide for a strong defense against bacteria and diseases.

Computer Deep Cleaning Inside and Outside

deep cleaning

In brief, deep cleaning is an exceptionally intense form of cleaning. In this process, dirt, dust, breadcrumbs, and other debris are cleaned from the computer on the inside as well as the outside. Deep cleaning requires the one cleaning to pay attention to details because the primary focus is to remove dust and debris that may be stuck inside the computer.

Deep cleaning is a much more labour-intensive process and requires special knowledge and specified cleaning tools.

Keyboard and Mouse Sanitisation

computer cleaning

The sanitizing process of the keyboard and mouse is a step beyond what normal cleaning is considered to be. This process involves the killing or reduction of bacteria on the keyboard and/or mouse so that the risk of transmitting germs is lower. For this purpose, the public health standards outline the required level of germs that need to be reduced in order to lower the risk of infections.

The most important feature of computer sanitizers is that it kills 99.999% of the specific bacteria in just 30 seconds. The sanitizers that are used are safe to use in an office environment and do a lot to prevent the spreading of germs and diseases.

Computer Cleaning Case Study

bacteria cleaning

According to a study, Pathogens such as E-Coli, hepatitis, and MRSA have been found on the surface of computer equipment such as PC units, keyboards, mouse etc. This is found in all different kinds of offices, even those that are the most reputable. A Ph.D. Scholar at the University of North Carolina (UNC) conducted research on the overall cleanliness of office keyboards and was shocked at the results. In order to conduct a fair and accurate study, the researcher took 25 different keyboards as a sample to illustrate their hygiene level.

They found each keyboard contaminated with at least two kinds of bacteria. Also, 20 out of 25 keyboards (80%) had 13 types of bacterial contamination thus emphasizing the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in an office.

Commercial Aspects

Companies in the UK and worldwide hire the most important and talented people to brainstorm ideas that help businesses to make progress while saving money. Professionals have emphatically concluded that a big portion of cost-saving is somehow related to their employee’s welfare.

Spending a fraction of funds on computer cleaning can certainly benefit your company in the long-run. For example, a simple keyboard and telephone set cleaning can easily protect staff from illnesses. Similarly, deep cleaning of computer equipment can increase the lifespan of that device and save you money from having to replace it.

Consequences of Uncleaned Computer

Due to a short-term cost-saving strategy, some companies ignore the importance of computer cleaning. They, in the long run, face greater consequences which could have been easily avoided if the proper precautions had been taken. It has been observed that computer equipment in the workplace is an ideal place for microbial pathogen germs to form, live, and spread.

In fact, one member can easily transfer germs onto all components and contaminate the entire office in no time. This can further infect all other members that come in contact with the infected person or equipment.

As a result, germs have a large impact on not only the computer equipment but can also lead staff to suffer from minor or even major illnesses. Minor diseases such as cold and flu can cause staff absenteeism. The other more dangerous viruses can cause serious illnesses such as MRSA and hepatitis.

The serious issues can subsequently lead to legal actions from the employees which will cost the business a large sum of money that could have been easily avoided. In both cases, the company will suffer from financial loss and may lose some of its reputation and status. According to a survey, on average staff absenteeism due to illness costs £972 to UK businesses per employee each year.

How Can You Overcome PC Cleaning Issues?

computer cleaning solutions

For over 10 years, computer cleaning has been undeniably helping businesses in the UK solve their unique cleaning issues and maintain a level of sanitation in the workplace. We have delivered 1000s of successful cleaning services nationwide, and your business is sure to be the next one. We provide you with the full flexibility of choosing the cleaning schedule so that our services don’t cause any interruptions or inconveniences to the workings of your business.

To demonstrate our ability to successfully overcome and manage all of your cleaning requirements, we will discuss and send you the appropriate documentation beforehand so that you can look it over and approve it before committing.

Recommendations by Manufacturers

Indeed all computer manufacturers recommend standard cleaning procedures to avoid voiding the service warranty. [Manufacturers such as Dell/EMC, HP/Compaq, Microsoft, Fujitsu, IBM, Intel, etc.]

Choosing the right professional computer cleaning company is, therefore, an important decision for any serious business. When you choose the correct computer cleaning company, you can save thousands of pounds that can otherwise be spent on something that is needed more such as equipment repair or staff absentees.

The Purpose and Significance of Computer Cleaning

Firstly, the regular cleaning of your office computers helps to protect your employees from bacteria, germs, and other diseases.

Secondly, the cleaning itself improves the computer equipment’s lifespan. This also enhances the speed and productivity of your computer-based services. As a result, it reduces the chances of absenteeism of staff and improves the overall performance of your employees while also reducing the risk of having to replace a lot of expensive equipment.

Furthermore, cleanliness in the workplace undoubtedly attracts employees to love their office environment and be more productive as a result. The employees tend to spend more time on their computers when they are clean and look nice, so regular cleaning will improve the workspace and the amount of work that gets done in the office. The staff tends to work with more dedication because of the clean environment in which they work matters a lot to them.

If nothing else, it certainly gives them a sense of ownership which, as the result, can improve overall work productivity. The computer cleaning professional cleaners have helped many businesses to significantly reduce the number of times their employees call in sick due to more dedication to working as well as the reduction of germs that cause illnesses.

Best Practices for Cleaning Maintenance

When you are not using a computer machine, it should always be covered with a computer dust cover to protect it from the buildup of dust and debris.

Never switch on the computer when the dust cover is around it.

When using a computer, try to stay away from food/drinks and never touch the computer with messy or contaminated fingers.

Daily surface cleaning must be done on your computer, especially the keyboard, mouse and monitor screen since they accumulate the highest number of germs and bacteria.

Clean your computer when you start and complete your work, as this will help to avoid excessive dust accumulation.

Use a keyboard cover protector to help protects the keyboard from dust and debris while still allowing you to type.

When your computer is switched on, make sure that no object is too close to the fan vents so that you allow for cool air circulation.

Schedule a deep clean once a month that covers all parts of the computer such as the keyboard, monitor/screen, mouse, fan, and tower vents.

Last but not least, for internal cleaning, consider hiring a professional service to avoid damaging the computer or machine and in turn voiding the warranty you may have on it.

Essentials of Computer Cleaning

The best computer cleaning practices ensure quality results while mainly focusing on safety of the workers and the office as a whole.

The most important factor is to adhere to the approved cleaning standards and procedures.

Professional cleaning training is an essential element of the process. Otherwise, nothing will help.

Similarly, eco-friendly cleaning products and anti-static cleaning tools are essential for safety.

While it may be true that customer comes first, it is far more effective when you put yourself in their shoes.

Features of our Cleaning Services

  • Computer manufacturers’ recommended cleaning procedures with attention to details.
  • Company insurance with cleaners background security checks.
  • 24/7/365 cleaning operations and response in due time.
  • Clear communication and detailed documentation.
  • Application of green cleaning products whenever possible.
  • Nationwide cleaning operations for your local convenience.
  • State of the art cleaning equipment and HSE/COSHH Cleaning practices
  • Competitive prices coupled with guaranteed service.

Contact Us

We would certainly love to hear from you. Contact us with any queries and questions about our computer cleaning services in London or elsewhere in the UK. We will respond without delay. We also welcome you if you are looking for general information, special advice, or a free quote.

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How to Clean Your Computer (PC)

To clean a dusty, dirty, and grimy computer can take from a few minutes to a good portion of an hour, but don’t panic! Depending on the state of cleanliness of your PC, the products & tools that you have handy, and the cleaning procedure that you follow, this can make a lot of difference when you plan to clean your computer by yourself rather than hiring someone to do it for you.

To Wipe down the PC Computer Professionally 

1. Before you begin to clean the computer or start the sanitisation process, turn off the CPU and unplug the devices to avoid any electric short circuit.
2. To clean a computer never use an excessive amount of cleaning liquid or force.
3. Wash out the dust and debris from the computer keyboard using compressed air can or computer vacuum cleaner.
4. To clean the dust from the computer case, use the air extraction or air flush inside out method.
5. Swab between the vents on the computer case and keys to remove the hidden dirt, crumbs, and soil.
6. Gently scrub the computer monitor using cleaning wipes or sponge and workout with screen cleaning liquid or spray to cleanse the screen.
7. Wipe the computer mouse and scrub its bottom to remove the sticky residues.
8. To finish the job polish all surfaces of the computer and disinfect with the computer antibacterial solution to destroy bacteria and germs.

Can I Clean My Computer by Myself for Free?

We all know time is money but hey! Here we show you few quick secret tips and ways which can help you clean your PC for free or with a little cost at the comfort of your home that could help you save you time and some money. We love it when it is cheap and environmentally safe, don’t we?

Let’s Begin to Clean but Hold On Safety First!

Disclaimer: Make sure that you have read your computer’s manufacturing company booklet, in particular, the cleaning and health care section of the guide so that you don’t overrule their recommendations. Also, make sure that you read and understand our Safety Disclaimer before taking any further steps.

Your Computer Cleaning Kit

You will need to compile a small kit of the following 10 tools and products to efficiently and safely clean your computer at home. Tools will facilitate you in cleaning and the cleaning products will remove dirt, dust, and residue from your PC.

1. Cleaning fluid (for computers)
2. Wipes (for PCs)
3. Microfiber cloth or clean towel
4. Compressed air can
5. Cleaning brush
6. Vacuum cleaner (with a pointy nozzle and brush attached)
7. Cotton buds
8. A very slim screwdriver
9. Gloves
10. Antibacterial solution (for computers)

PC Inside and Outside Cleaning Procedure

Step 1

Before starting the cleaning process, switch off your computer and unplug the power, keyboard and mouse cables. Put on your gloves for the purpose of hygiene and protection of your hands and fingers from any germs or bacteria.

Step 2

Computer Keyboard Cleaning Procedure

Hold your keyboard in an upside-down position and gently tap the backside of your keyboard with your fingertips to release the loose dust, hair, and crumbs. Now with the help of compressed air can blast the air between the keys on the keyboard in order to loosen and flush out any remaining dust, hair, and crumbs particles. Then, use a vacuum cleaner with a pointy nozzle and brush attached to it and suck out the dust, hair, and crumbs particles that are stuck deep between the keys.

A cotton bud or very slim screwdriver will help you remove the fine particles but be careful not to cause any damage to the keyboard when doing so. Repeat the process until you get cleaning results that you are satisfied with. Finally, use computer wipes to remove stains, debris, and marks from your keyboard. Apply a small amount of the computer antibacterial solution on the entire surface of the keyboard including the keys. Check the detailed information and step by step process on How to Deep Clean Your PC Keyboard Inside and Out?

Step 3

Computer Monitor Screen Cleaning Procedure

When the computer is powered off, gently remove the access dust setting on the surface of your monitor with the help of a dry microfibre towel. Then, use a vacuum cleaner (with a pointy nozzle and brush attached to it) to extract the dust, hair, and other tiny particle stuck deep in the vents of your PC to allow for the cool air to circulate efficiently.

For the PC screen, apply a small amount of the cleaning solution or spray on a microfiber cloth, a clean towel, or use computer screen wipes and gently rub it over the screen to remove any signs of fingerprints and residue. Check out the detailed information and step by step process on How to Deep Clean Your Monitor Screen Inside and Out?

Step 4

Computer CPU and Case Cleaning Procedure

The surface cleaning of the computer CPU or tower case is pretty straightforward and easy to follow. With the help of a vacuum cleaner (with a pointy nozzle and brush attached), extract all the dust, hair, and other particles from the vents of the tower case. This will allow cool air to circulate to the motherboard, hard disk, and other internal electronic components of the PC and will ease the cooling burden on the computer fan and heatsink.

Do not use the compressed air can, however, as the air blast will push the dust and particles inside the CPU. Also, don’t use water or any other liquid to clean the CPU because it can cause a short circuit. With the help of a cotton bud and cleaning brush, gently clean the computer fan. Using a vacuum cleaner, extract all the dust and particles from the fan. Make sure that the air extraction doesn’t pull the fan or spin it as it can easily damage the fan and cost you money to replace it.

Step 5

PC Mouse Cleaning Procedure:

To clean deep inside of a mechanical mouse, hold it in an upside-down position and slightly push the ball of the mouse with your fingers and turn it in the direction towards “open”. Take the mouse ball out and clean it with a towel. Look inside of the mouse and, with the help of a cotton bud, take the dust, hair, and other particles out that are found deep within the mouse. Finally, apply antibacterial and cleaning computer solution throughout the outer surface of the mouse to remove any germs or bacteria.

Step 6

PC CD / DVD Cleaning Procedure:

The best cleaning material is a clean piece of soft immaculate cloth, preferably microfiber or cotton. A clean handkerchief can also be used. Another important matter to consider is to never make use of a piece of paper when cleaning a CD/DVD disks. Paper is a material that is known to be mildly abrasive which will leave a scratch on the disk’s playing surface area.

One ideal method of cleaning CD/DVD disks is moistening a clean cloth made of cotton with Windex and wiping cloth in a light manner over the smudges, fingerprints, and dirt. You can begin wiping from your disc’s centre then move out in an outward motion toward the edges. Refrain from wiping in a circular manner because it will only spread oil all over the disc. Outward straight strokes can remove the dirt effectively and equally, distributes the cleaning material.

You then have to let your disk stand on its edge for at least a minute to dry. To keep it clean, hold the disk on its edge. It is not too difficult of a technique but practicing the technique first with an old CD/DVD disk would be a good idea so that you do not ruin your real CD/DVD.

Cleaning Results

If you take the proper steps, you can achieve almost the same cleaning results as a professional could. The trick is to take your time and use quality products when cleaning your computer. When you clean your computer the 2nd and 3rd time by yourself, your previous experiences will leave you with better results. Save money by cleaning it yourself!

Recommendations for Cleaning

A general practice you should follow is to always keep your computer machine clean to help it retain its top operating condition. Perform surface cleaning every second week and deep cleaning at least once a month if possible. On top of that, keep your computer away from food and drinks.

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