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Computer Cleaning

What is computer cleaning?

computer cleaningComputer cleaning is a service that involves the removal of dust and germs from its hardware. These tasks are carried out by a professional company using specialist cleaning tools, wipes, and antimicrobial solutions to cleanup and remediate the physical state of a computer equipment.

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  • Office computer cleaning protects your employees from bacteria, germs, and disease.
  • Improves the lifespan of our computer equipment.
  • Improves the productivity of your computer-based services.


computer cleaning

  • Cleanliness in the workplace attracts the employees to love their office environment and shiny computers.
  • The employees tend to spend more time on their computers when they are clean.
  • It gives them the sense of ownership which in the result improve productivity.
  • Our cleaners have  helped many businesses to reduce their employees call in sick by a large proportion.


computer cleaning

  • Best practices for cleaning a computer ensure quality results and safe service.
  • It is vital to adhere to the approved cleaning standards and procedures.
  • This helps to achieve great cleaning results and gain customer’s trust and greater satisfaction.
  • We practice and recommend that computer machines should always be cleaned with eco-friendly products, anti-static tools, and with professional training.

Benefits of our Specialist Services

✓ Great customer service and follow-up care.
✓ Computer manufacturers’ recommended cleaning procedures and standards.
✓ Company insurance & cleaners background security check.
✓ 24/7/365 cleaning operations and response on short notice.
✓ Clear communication and detailed documentation.
✓ Application of green cleaning products where possible.
✓ Nationwide cleaning operations for your convenience.
✓ State of the art cleaning equipment & employees health and safety training.
✓ Competitive prices and guaranteed service.

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Further Information & Tips

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