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How to Clean Eheim?

Eheim filters are used in aquariums and other fish tanks. The filters are accessible in various styles and sizes available in many fish stores or even online. Eheim filter like any other canister fish filter must be removed and cleaned on a regular basis.

If you want a pet fish, you have to make sure that the aquarium where your fish lives must be clean and healthy for it to grow and survive. One of this ways is to have a clean aquarium by cleaning your tank filter because it can promote a healthy place for it to live in. If you would want to maintain a clean aquarium, here is a simple procedure on how you clean your Eheim filter.

Things you need to prepare:

• Towel – used to dry your filter elements.
• Water
• Bleach – an agent used to thoroughly clean your Eheim filter.
• Toothbrush – used for scrubbing.

Cleaning Steps for Eheim :

• Open the top portion of your aquarium tank carefully and unplug your Eheim filter.

• Detach the Eheim filter and lift it out from the aquarium tank.

• Drain and empty the filter by opening the valves in a tub or sink. Make sure not to spill any water into your floor or else you will be a high risk of injury.

• Remove the O-ring and set it aside.

• Remove the other parts of the filter, such as the blue, white, or green pads, and glass beads.

• Lay it to your soft towel and set aside.

• Clean the emptied canister with tap water. Set aside positioning it in up-down position and let it dry.

• Rinse the pads. Dry it with a towel. Reattach it to the canister after you finished cleaning and drying it.

• Boil the set aside media with 1 tablespoon of bleach. Remove the parts when the solution has boiled.

• Allow it to cool. Lay and let it dry using a towel and place it to the canister. If you see some stocked dirt, you can use a toothbrush to clean it. Just use enough force to loosen the dirt. Be careful not to destroy it.

• The white pad must be placed at the top of other canister elements. Wet and slide the O-ring at the bottom of the canister lid. Secure and lock the clips.
Attach it from the filter valves and place it in your aquarium.

• Wait for the filter to fill in with water before you restore the power of your system.

We all want to make sure that our pet fish live in a place where it can be happy. Another tip aside from cleaning your tank filter is to place stones and colourful plants where it can feel safe and at home. Make sure that you regularly clean your Eheim filter. As much as possible you do it weekly.

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