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How to Clean Furniture?

For upholstered furniture use the upholstery tool from your vacuum cleaner attachments. The crevice tool will also help vacuum corners and edges. The dust brush tool works well when vacuuming leather upholstered furniture. For really delicate fabrics, use caution. For bookshelves and other non-upholstered furniture, use the dust brush tool or crevice tool.

How Often to Vacuum Furniture

Even though it hides it well, furniture picks up a lot of the dirt and dust that gets tracked into our homes. For best results, furniture should be vacuumed weekly.

Regular dusting and vacuuming

Regular dusting and vacuuming of your upholstered furniture can help you keep them looking as good as the first time you bought it. Make sure that you will be using the correct cleaning products on your upholstery and follow the instructions on their labels. If your furniture has leather upholstery there are effortless ways of keeping them clean and shiny as new.

Other cleaning tips are vacuum clean seat and back cushions and loose pillows. Re-arrange them if necessary to even the wear of your furniture. Clean all non-fabric materials with a clean damp cloth. If your upholstery needs to be shampooed, follow the instructions on the label of the cleaning product. You may also use a homemade solution made of a mixture of liquid dish detergent and warm water. This preparation must be whipped using an egg beater or mixer to make dry suds.

Now use the fabric attachment or brush of your vacuum to clean the upholstery. Just remember to keep the furniture completely dry while shampooing it to avoid damage caused by mildew. Clean small areas on the furniture at a time and then wipe clean using a clean damp cloth. Let the upholstered furniture dry out completely.

How To Clean Leather Furniture – Tips and Guidelines

Buying leather furniture is sometimes daunting because thinking of after-care can lead people to think that it is hard to look after; here are some tips on how to clean leather furniture. Maintaining your furniture does not have to be costly you only need to know the correct way on how to do it and also more importantly not to damage it by cleaning it.

Most people do not know how to clean leather furniture properly and end up causing more damage than good when cleaning out any spillages or stains. This is because if you do it the wrong way you could end up scratching the leather or causing it to fade in patchy areas.

How to clean leather furniture spillages

If you have spilt liquids onto your leather furniture then simply follow this advice:

• Firstly do not use a scrubbing cloth or sponge as this can damage the leather by putting scratches or marks on it.
• If it is just a light spill then there is no need to put any soap or products onto the furniture as this can actually ruin it.
• Get a damp cleaning cloth and simply wipe the leather clean and that should be sufficient enough.
• Remember that leather is waterproof and a spillage will not soak into it if you act quickly enough and wipe off any liquid then there will be no problem with stains. Never use soap or washing liquid to clean your leather as this will actually ruin it and cause it to fade.

How to clean leather furniture that is soiled

If you have a serious stain on your leather and need to get rid of it then it is important that you use a cleaning agent to do this. Choosing one that is specifically made for leather is extremely important as you do not want to damage your furniture.

How to clean leather furniture that has stains:

  1. Firstly choose a plan that is designed for leather and you need to make sure that it is PH-balanced to suit your furniture. Usually, a pH of around 4.5 is ideal for cleaning most types of leather.
  2. When choosing your cleaner to make sure it has a degreasing agent in it as well not just a cleaner. This will help remove stains a lot faster and will leave your leather feeling new and fresh afterwards.
  3. It is advisable when using a cleaner that you get the correct tools to do this and using a cloth with micro fibres in it or an exfoliating glove the best way to achieve good results.
  4. Lastly, make sure you do not scrub the leather but massage the cleaning solution into it for around 30 seconds to a minute.
  5. Always make sure you do small areas at a time and do not cover the whole piece of furniture with the cleaning agent as this will ruin it.
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