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How to Clean a Dwarf Hamster Cage?

Like any other pets, dwarf hamsters need an environment that can accommodate them. First thing is you to provide them with a clean hamster cage, but how? Here are some simple steps for you to maintain a clean place for your dwarf hamsters.

Hamsters are friendly and nice pets. One can actually take home those cute hamsters. But of course, if you want to take care of a hamster, you need to know how to make them happy and healthy. One thing you must know before planning to have one is to give them a clean and safe place to sleep, play and be merry.

Things you need to prepare for cleaning are the following:

• Hamster cage
• A Container to keep your dwarf hamsters while you are cleaning the cage
• Clean and new bedding
• Towels
• Food and water for your hamster
• Water
• Brush
• Cage cleaner

Cleaning Steps for Dwarf Hamster Cage:

• Gather first the needed materials for cleaning

• Why: preparing your things ahead of time saves time and effort. It can make your workload lighter.

• Remove your dwarf hamsters to your enclosed container

Why? this is to keep your hamsters safe and dry while you are cleaning their cages. Make sure to separate your female and male hamsters.

• Remove the top part of your cage including the soiled bedding, you can actually clean them or discard them. Remove also the hamster’s food and water bowl.

• Spray a lot of water into your hamster’s cage. Follow it up with your cage cleaner.

• Spray and brush your cage. Clean your cage well. The rinse it with water.

• Dry all the parts of your hamster’s cage. Let it air dry for a while.

• Assemble all the removed parts of your cage.

• Get your new and clean bedding and place it to your cage.

• Throw any remains of food and water from your hamster’s food container bowl. Wash it. Replace it with new ones.

• Place your dwarf hamsters to your newly cleaned cage.

• Secure the top of your cage so that the hamsters will not escape.

Other CleaningTips:

• In choosing the right cage for your dwarf hamsters, choose the best size, flee proof, easy to be cleaned, and safe.
• Do not choose cages that are too small for your hamster. Hamsters need a huge place for them to run and play.
• Choose a cage that is safe. Make sure that there are no plastic ends in which your hamsters can chew. Hamsters are fund of chewing.
• Choose a cage that has wheels. These wheels are best for them to play and be merry.

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