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What is General Procedure of Daily Cleaning?

Let us now see how a room is cleaned daily. Can you suggest in what order the work should be carried on?

1. Once you enter the room, open all windows in order to let the fresh air come in.
2. Remove all unwanted articles like teacups etc., and empty ashtrays and dustbins.
3. Sweep the floor.
4. Dust all surfaces including furniture and fixtures.
5. Brush or vacuum clean the carpet.
6. Mop the whole area.
7. Replace linen wherever required, like in a bedroom, make the bed, in a restaurant cover the tables, in bathrooms, check for towels, soaps etc.
8. In the end, adjust windows, do a general survey to see that everything is in order and to your satisfaction.

Similarly, the kitchen can also be cleaned in the same way.

1. Collect all used utensils from the counters.
2. Wipe and clean the gas stove, electrical appliances and the counters.
3. Wash all utensils. Drain and store.
4. Sweep the floor.
5. Empty the dustbin, wash, wipe and line it with newspaper.
6. Mop or wash the kitchen with a mild disinfectant.

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