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How to Clean an Artificial Flowers?

Most faux plants nowadays appear as if they are genuine. However, as time passes these artificial flowers may slowly reveal their real identity. Thus, the need to have them cleaned regularly should be made. Here are some easy ways you can learn how to clean artificial flowers effectively.

If you want to do the cleaning process fast and make them appear fresh in a few minutes, buy a silk flower spray from the market. These kinds of sprays can dissolve dust on the flower’s surface. It is very easy to use and you will be amazed at how dust particles disappear. However, some would say that spray cleaner would just conceal the dust by burying it deeper into the silk or fabric flowers.

Some would suggest using a compressor (can of compressed air) to attempt to remove dust particles with a big blow. They say that this works even more than vacuum cleaners, but they have not thought that it would only dislodge the particles to the other parts of the flower vase.

The ways mentioned above are easy steps to remove dust without taking the flowers out of their container. If you have much time for cleaning, follow the steps below. You will be assured that even to the smallest detail of the flower you can touch and clean it.

Dry Cleaning of Silk Flowers

You need to get a plastic bag, place your flowers in it then securely tie it. You may add at least half to one cup of salt in the bag. Shake it properly to remove the dust particles from all surface. The salt would serve as a scrubber. Do this for a minute or two and may repeat as necessary until you are pleased with their appearance.

In Between Method of Cleaning

If you cannot remove the floral products from their container, you can have it cleaned right there. Simply get an atomizer or bottle spray and fill it with 1:1 vinegar and water to clean the silk flowers. You may also place a used newspaper around the flower vase to absorb all drippings. Spray first to a small flower and observe if the solution is suitable for cleaning. The use of such solvents (water and vinegar) is not recommended for flowers that are hand-painted or hand-wrapped.

Cleaning flowers – Wet Method

This is the best way to clean your silk flowers as it would wash off the heavy build-up of dust in its surface. Do not soak hand-wrapped and hand-painted artificial flowers. Instead, just have them cleaned by steam to loosen up dust.

To do things systematically, you may remove the flower from its stem and soak the parts one at a time.

How to clean step by step:

• Fill a pail or sink with cool water (never use warm water as this would melt the silk and plastic flowers). Give a squirt of your desired dishwashing agent and mix.
• One by one, remove the flowers from its stem and wash them in the solution.
• When done the washing, pat them lightly to dry all the flowers.

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