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What is a Cleaning Schedule?

Now the important question is how to do the cleaning? You must have observed the cleaning process at your own house. Do you clean your rooms completely by removing all the furniture etc, every day? No, because that would require a lot of time and labour which cannot be devoted every day. Then how to do the cleaning? For this, it is important to follow a certain schedule of cleaning.

Every day, a general cleaning of the open surfaces like floors, furniture and other such surfaces is required. Once in a while, some more time is given to cleaning and you probably move heavy furniture and clean beneath it or beneath the carpets. Maybe once in six months or a year, you empty the room completely and give it a complete wash, polish the floors, whitewash the walls, ceiling etc.

Types of Schedules

Thus we can basically divide cleaning into three types of schedules:

a) Daily clean
b) A weekly clean
c) A spring clean

As you have read above, a daily cleaning would be a general cleaning done every day; a weekly cleaning would be a more thorough cleaning done periodically, depending on the frequency of use. In a guest house, hotel, or a hospital, it may be done once a week or even earlier. Spring cleaning is usually done once a year or when particularly needed. It may be earlier in the case of a hospital.

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