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What is Cleaning Equipment?

Following are some of the types of equipment which you will come across during the process of cleaning.


These are mostly made of soft cotton, flannel or artificial feathers mounted on a stick. These are used to clean loose dust and are also used for wiping various surfaces. You should use separate dusters for dusting and wiping surfaces such as dining table, mirrors, kitchen slabs, etc. They should be washed and dried after use.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners work on electricity and have a fan. This sucks in the dirt and dust from the surfaces and stores it in a disposable bag inside. This bag should be emptied regularly.

Dust Pans

Dust pans are made of either plastic or metal and have flat surfaces, rounded at the sides. After sweeping, dirt and dust are collected directly into these with the help of a broom and carried to a dustbin. Dustpans save sweeping the entire amount of dust from one room to another. Instead, dust can be collected from each room and disposed of simultaneously. Dust pans should be cleaned after use.


Mops are mostly made of thick, loosely woven cotton cloth. These are used to wipe dust from the floors. These are dipped in clean water and squeezed before wiping the floors. You should change the water after mopping each room or when it gets dirty. You should thoroughly wash the mop and spread it for drying, after use.

Polishing Cloth

A polishing cloth is made of soft absorbent cloth such as flannel. Dry polishing cloth helps to clean and shine the polished surfaces by rubbing them vigorously.


Brooms are either soft or hard. The soft ones are used to sweep the floors, whereas the hard ones (yard broom) are used to wash the floors.


Brushes are available in various sizes and shapes and are made of different materials. Different brushes are used for specific jobs. Brushes with nylon or plastic bristles are used for cleaning carpets or furniture, round feather brushes are used to remove cobwebs, metal brushes are used to clean wire mesh in the windows. You have special nylon brushes to clean the toilets.

Buckets or Basins

Buckets or basins are made of metal or plastic, come in different sizes and are used to carry water, detergents and chemicals so that there are no spills.


Dustbins are available in plastic with a lid. These should be lined with paper so that the garbage does not stick to the surface. They should be emptied and washed daily.

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