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Administrative Functions of Office

administrative functions of officeAdministrative functions are auxiliary to the basic functions of the office which are to be performed for a smooth functioning of the office. These relate to the tasks of protecting and safeguarding assets, maintaining and enhancing the operating efficiency, stationary control, choice and use of the office equipment and selection, training, placement, and remuneration of the personnel etc. The following functions are normally considered as administrative functions of an office:

Management functions

Various functions of management are also applicable to the management of office functions. Office work has to be planned, organised and executed according to the plan. Control is exercised to ensure efficiency of operations in the office. Staffing, directing, communicating, coordinating, motivating is also important for the management of offices.

Instituting office systems and routines

An office has to develop systems and procedures for providing better services to other departments. Each phase of office work is carefully analysed and a proper procedure is developed for it. Proper sequencing of different tasks is necessary to ensure a continuous flow of work.

Procuring stationery and supplies

An adequate supply of office stationery of proper quality is necessary for the efficient performance of office work. The office purchases standard quality paper, pens, ink and other stationery items, maintain the stock and issues them only on demand.

Designing and control of office forms

Use of standardised forms simplifies office operations. It is the responsibility of the office to design, standardise, provide and control the forms to be used in the office as well as in other departments of the enterprise.

Purchasing office equipment and furniture

Efficient and economical performance of office work requires proper furniture, equipment and machines. The office has to arrange for the selection and purchase of these items from reliable suppliers. It has also to ensure timely availability of furniture etc., to departments and employees to facilitate proper utilisation, as well as arrange for maintenance, servicing and replacement according to need.

Safeguarding of assets

Different types of assets are maintained in an organisation. The assets must be protected against damages and losses on account of fire, theft etc. An efficient control system is exercised by an office to safeguard the assets.

Personnel management

The efficiency of office work depends very much on the employees. Their appointment, training, promotion, appraisal and welfare are the functions of the office.

Maintaining public relations

An organisation depends on public reputation and goodwill for its existence and progress. Maintaining public relations is also the responsibility of the office. Most organisations have reception counters to greet and receive visitors to the organisation.

The above are some of the important functions of an office. The nature of these functions differs from organisation to organisation as per the needs.

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