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Departments and Sections of Modern Office

Departments and Sections of Modern OfficeNowadays, there are large organisations in existence which involve varied and complicated operations. Therefore, the activities of an organisation are grouped into different departments or sections. Departmentalisation is the process of grouping business activities into homogeneous units. The number and types of different departments in an office depend upon the nature and volume of work. However, an office generally consists of the following departments or sections:

Correspondence section

Correspondence section takes care of incoming and outgoing letters, enquiries, etc. This section receives incoming mail and deals with them as per instructions from the concerned department. It also prepares suitable replies to letters. This section is manned by a section officer and clerks who are experts in noting and drafting of correspondence.

Typing and duplicating section

In large organisations, the volume of typing and duplicating work is very large. Therefore, a separate department or section is created for such work. It provides the typing and duplicating services to all departments. In smaller organisations, this section may be combined with the correspondence section also. The types of jobs available in this section are those of stenographers, typists, duplicating machine operator etc.

Computer section

This is important as well as an essential section in every modern office. This section deals with data entry, data analysis, sending and receiving emails, preparation and maintenance of website etc.

Filing, indexing and record-keeping section

This section may also be called ‘Filing’ or ‘Records’ section. It is responsible for the preservation of all records for future reference. Clerical positions are there in this section for filing, indexing, and other related work.

Mailing section

This section deals with incoming and outgoing mail of the entire organisation. The incoming mail is received, recorded in a register, sorted out and distributed to the departments. The outgoing mail is prepared for despatch. The main jobs available in this section are those of mail receiving clerk, despatch clerk and general duty clerk.

Accounts section

This section is responsible for maintaining the accounts of the organisation. It prepares various financial reports for the use of management. In large organisations, it may also contain an internal audit section. The chief accountant or the chief accounts officer is the overall in-charge of this department. He is assisted by accounts clerks, section officers and audit assistants.

Cash section

This section deals with receipts and payments in cash and by cheque for the entire organisation. It operates under the control of the chief cashier. He is assisted by a cashier, petty cashier and assistants.

Public relations section

The function of this section is to keep in contact with and maintain good relations with outside parties like customers, suppliers, government departments, etc. Most organisations have reception counters to greet and receive visitors to the organisation.

General office

It is the central office of the organisation and is generally known as the establishment section. This section formulates policies for the entire office and directly or indirectly controls the departmental offices. It also acts as the controlling unit as all information from section offices passes through the general office.

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