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Office Set Up

office setupOffice set-up is the systematic arrangement of positions in the office to enable office personnel to work as a team. It is the framework within which office employees work for attaining the objectives of the office. It is the process of dividing the activities of the office into departments, assignment of duties to each department and providing the necessary facilities to the personnel.

The significance of Office Setup

A planned organisation establishes a harmonious relationship between people, work and resources. In a good organisation, every employee knows what he is to do, and performs his work with speed, accuracy and economy. It coordinates the efforts of different individuals and ensures commonness of purpose. The importance of office organisation is described below:

Facilitates management of office work

In a small office, the manager can supervise the office work personally. But in a large organisation, the work has to be distributed and supervisors can be appointed to supervise the work on behalf of the office manager.

Delegation of authority

In a properly planned office organisation the manager assigns some of the duties to his subordinates. A delegation of authority of routine work is necessary for the efficient flow of work.

Stimulates creativity

In a well-organised setup, each individual has specific duties, his own area of activity and power. It stimulates creativity and initiative in the individual and he may explore new methods of doing the job.

Facilitates development of office personnel

Proper organisation of the office is a pre-requisite for the division of labour and specialisation. It facilitates the growth of office personnel to the maximum extent in the area of their duties.

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