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Service Advisor

A Service Advisor or Customer Service Advisor (CSA) work out of the reception area of Computer Cleaning Service. They are the main point of contact for customers tasked with the control and delivery of the customer experience from start to finish.

What does our Service Advisor offer?

Service Advisor is a first connection point with the customers. Their job is to deliver a premium customer service. Their focus is on the basics of customer service that should be met consistently and you should understand and exceed customer expectations. They need clear and up-to-date knowledge of company cleaning products and services and be able to communicate with a range of people from customers to the company internal teams. They deal directly with customers, scheduling cleaning work and share i about the additional services required. They handle administrative and customer relations aspects of service department operations.

Day Today Tasks

• Communication with customers by phone, email and in person and understanding the full details of the services that the customer requires.

• Working with colleagues, identifying and agreeing with the customer the appropriate work required, costings, resources, timings and booking slots. Managing the customer’s expectations of job progress is also a key function.

• Liaising with other business and suppliers through online interfaces, and communicating details with customers;

• Liaising with the customer understanding their computer cleaning requirements and ensuring appropriate documentation.

• Monitoring the progress of the cleaning jobs and keeping the customer informed through the key phases of progress.

• Liaising with the customer over work completion, communicating the work done, billing job charges, excesses and VAT payments and obtaining final sign-off.

• Taking responsibility for the correct administration, cash and payment handling and record entry of each job you handle.

Skill Level


Our Service Advisors have excellent spoken and written English and have great communication skills. They are able to get complex descriptions across to people in a way they can understand.


They build trust with our customers and on that basis, they successfully manage the customers’ expectations and ensure completion of the cleaning services on time.

Phone Skills

They have a clear, warm and confident phone manner.


We deliver the day’s planned activity whilst coping flexibly with multiple customer and colleague interactions and demands.

Computer hardware awareness

They have a good level understanding of computer hardware, keyboards, mice, monitors, office telephones, connections, cables, and the products and tools that are required to carry out the cleaning service and technical details in order to be able to explain them to your customers.

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