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Deep Cleaning VS Regular Cleaning?

In the English language deep cleaning vs (or) regular cleaning both have different meanings. Both phrases refer to the action or process of removing unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from an object or environment yet there are clear differences in the meaning of regular cleaning when compared to deep cleaning.

Deep VS Regular Cleaning Meaning and Definition

Let’s examine the meaning of the word “deep” and regular in the context of cleaning. Deep cleaning means cleaning of an object or environment extending far down from the top or surface. Deep cleaning is an intense or extreme cleaning activity which focuses on the inside and outside of an object where a cleaner pays more attention to details. For example, in computer deep cleaning service a cleaning technician will inspect and address all components of the PC including the hidden parts of the CPU, keyboard, monitor screen, and mouse. The cleaner may use sophisticated cleaning devices and cleaning products to remove dust and debris hidden in the computer vents, between the keys of the keyboard, and any other parts and areas of the PC which are normally hidden and out of reach.

Regular cleaning also is known as surface cleaning is less intentive in efforts. The focus of regular cleaning is on the surface of an object or environment and not on the inside deep hidden parts and areas. In this case, the cleaner removes dirt, dust, and debris from the surface in a quick fashion the help of basic cleaning tools and products. For example, a keyboard regular cleaning is an activity where the cleaner brush upon the surface of the keyboard to remove dist and dirt but doesn’t address the inside or between the keys.


FactorsDeep CleaningRegular Cleaning
Cleaning TimescaleTime intensiveRequires less time
Cleaning CostHigh in priceLow in price
Cleaning EquipmentSpecial equipmentBasic equipment
Cleaning SkillsSpecial skillsBasic skills
Cleaning FrequencyLowHigh
Cleaning of Bacterial PathogenYesNo
Cleanliness SustainabilityLong lastingShort-lived
Cleaning CoverageInside and outsideSurface
Cleanliness ResultsHighModerate

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