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What is the Difference Between Digital and Analog Computer?

There are huge differences between a modern digital and legacy analog computers in terms of architecture, functionality and usages. Regardless of these differences, both digital computer and analog system is in operational use and performs different special tasks.

11 Main Differences

1. Operations

A digital computer work with digits while an analog computer works with physical or natural values.

2. Data

A digital computer works upon discrete data but an analog computer works upon continuous data.

3. Accuracy

A digital computer is highly accurate in producing results while analog computer is comparatively not so precise in producing results.

4. Results

A digital computer produces results after the calculation is entirely completed on the other hand the results of an analog computer are continuous.

5. Cost

A digital computer is costly but an analog computer is comparatively cheaper.

6. Output Readability 

A digital computer produces results in human readable form while an analog computer produces results in the form of graph or needle pointer which requires further reference to understand the output values.

7. Usage 

A digital computer is a general purpose machine but analog computer is a special purpose machine.

8. Speed

A digital computer is comparatively slower than an analog computer. Analog computers are faster because they are designed for a special single purpose.

9. Storage

A digital computer has high storage capacity on the other hand analog computer have low or no storage capacity.

10. Programming

A digital computer can be programmed while an analog computer can’t be programmed.

11. Examples

Examples of digital computers are a desktop computer, laptop etc. Examples of analog computers are thermometer and speedometer.

Types of computers on the basis of application

Digital Computer

Analog Computer

Hybrid Computer

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