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Dust Blowing Ball Screen Cleaning Wipes Computer

1, the Computer LCD screen: can be used for TFT LCD display, laptop screen, PDA & Computer cleaning, can be assured that use, do not hurt the screen coating, leaving any wipe marks.

2, home appliances clean: can be used for LCD TV, rear projection TV, plasma TV and other home appliances screen clean, gently wipe the screen can be bright as new.

3, all kinds of disc cleaning: wipe VCD, DVD disc, folding bright and clean cloth edge inward, from the centre of the disc to the edge of the wipe.



1, clean cloth will not scratch the surface of the object, but the dust and dust particles are blowing and can scratch the surface of the object, fixed immediately after use to clean;

2, ultra-fine fibre cleaning cloth edge suture part may scratch the surface of fine objects, before using the edge of the suture should not be inward contact with the wipe the object in direct contact; wipe the display, please cut off the power;

3, with a cleaning agent to wipe the screen, pay attention to double-sided flannel with its surface evenly dry, so as not to leave traces.

4, if accidentally sprayed to the eyes, please wash your eyes with water, this product is non-toxic harmless, please rest assured that use

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