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Computer Recycling London

Computer recycling can be prevented or limited if right steps are followed. In London, alone hundreds of thousands of computer and electronic devices are decommissioned and sent to recycling centres every year. A little more attention can help to retain these devices in service for longer which not only limits the need for recycling but also put a limit on the electronic devices manufacturing on large scale. Manufacturing new electronic devices themselves is a dangerous process for a healthy environment. Manufacturing new computers and electronic devices leave a huge carbon footprint. Regularly cleaning and maintaining our existing electronic equipment can enhance their performance and can improve their lifespan. The cleaner we keep our devices, the longer is their lifespan. A regularly kept Clean Computer can function well for an extended period of time and can perform faster and efficient. Cleaning our computers not only enhance their lifespan but also prevent computer waste and need for recycling.

Education and awareness

Many private and government organisations are working to grow or increase awareness on topics such as computer waste, recycling, and their impact on the environment. Prevention i.e. cleaning and maintenance of electronic device should be a focal point of any lecture or document. An easy step like cleaning can be practised on the individual level easily.

Where to Disposed of in London?

Small electrical appliances can be disposed in banks at these locations. Do not place any other items such as clothes in the banks.

NW1Lisson Street, junction with Ashmill Street, outside school entrance, NW1 5DF
Park Road, junction with Alpha Close, NW1 4SN
Park Road, junction with Ivor Place, NW1 6XT
NW6Carlton Vale, Ent. to Paddington Recreation Ground, NW6 5EX
Kilburn Park Road, junction with Randolph Gardens, NW6 5XB
NW8Aberdeen Place, outside electric distribution building, NW8 8JR
Acacia Road, junction with St.John’s Wood, NW8 6AD
Behind Church Street Market (Salisbury Street, junction with Samford Street), NW8 8ET
Lisson Grove, junction with Rossmore Rd, NW8 8TB
Springfield Road, NW8 0QU
Wellington Place, off Wellington Road, NW8 7PB
SW1Ashley Place, SW1P 1QH
Chichester Street, junction with Claverton Street, SW1V 3AU
Ebury Square, behind Belgravia Police Station, SW1W 9ST
Gillingham Street, junction with Belgrave Rd, SW1V 1HU
Erasmus Street, junction with Cureton Street, SW1P 4DZ
Horseferry Road, outside St. John’s Gardens, SW1P 2AF
Horseferry Road, junction with Regency Street, SW1P 2EB
Tachbrook Street, junction with Bessborough Street,SW1V 2JD
W1Bryanston Square, junction with Bryanston Place, W1H 2DS
George Street, junction with Montagu Street, W1H 7HN
Cavendish Square (South West Corner), W1G 0PR
Marylebone High Street (opposite no. 57), W1U 4RW
Paddington Street, outside Paddington Street Gardens,W1U 5QR
Edgware Road, junction with Sussex Gardens, W2 2SF
Edgware Road, junction with Crompton Street, W2 1TH
Lancaster Gate, in front/South of Spire House, W2 3NP
Cleveland Terrace, junction with Gloucester Terrace, W2 6DU
Westbourne Park Road, outside St. Mary of the Angels Roman Catholic Primary School, W2 5PW
W9Harrow Road, opposite the Police Station at 325 Harrow Road, W9 3RD
Sutherland Avenue, junction with Maida Vale, W9 1UP
Harrow Road, junction with Sutherland Avenue, W9 3TY
Maida Vale, junction with Elgin Avenue, W9 1JS
Shirland Road, outside Beechcroft House, W9 2EY
Sutherland Avenue, junction with Maida Vale, W9 1UP
Warwick Avenue, outside the tube station,  W9 2PT
W10Harrow Road, opposite the library, W10 4NE

What you can put in the recycling banks

You can use our recycling banks for:

  • phones and chargers
  • remote controls
  • VCRs
  • digiboxes
  • electronic toys
  • kettles
  • hairdryers
  • electric toothbrushes
  • shavers
  • hair straighteners
  • irons
  • small DIY tools
  • clocks
  • radios
  • cables
  • keyboards, mice, speakers etc

What you can’t put in the recycling banks

You can’t use the recycling bins for:

  • TV monitors
  • computers*
  • light bulbs
  • batteries
  • anything that will not fit in the chute (over 40 cm or 16″ in size)

* Although computers can be recycled in these bins, there have been cases of theft from the bins.

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