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How to Clean Your Mouse (PC)

The computer mouse is the smallest but the most important part of your PC when it comes to cleaning. Your palm and fingers interact with the mouse very often. An uncleaned mouse can be a good source of bacteria and bacteria and germs.

Cleaning a PC mouse is not a difficult and not time-consuming job. Dirty and sticky computer mice slow your ability to work fast and that can eventually impact your overall work speed and productivity.

Can I Clean My PC Mouse By Myself for Free?

Of course, you can! You don’t need a sophisticated cleaning kit to get the job done. With the help of a few basic tools that are normally available in every household and these tips, you can clean and make you computer mice a shiny as you want for free.

Let’s begin to clean but hold on safety first!

To be on the safe side read and follow the guidelines of your keyboard manufacturer for cleaning and disinfection. Don’t override the manufacturer recommendations.

Your PC Mouse Cleaning Kit

You will need the following 10 tools and products to clean your computer mouse at home. Tools will facilitate you in cleaning and the cleaning products will actually remove dir, dist, and residue from your PC mouse.

1. Cleaning fluid (for keyboard & mouse)
2. Wipes (for PCs)
3. Microfiber cloth or clean towel
4. Compressed air can
5. Cleaning brush
6. Vacuum cleaner (with pointy nozzle and brush attachment)
7. Cotton buds
8. A very slim screwdriver
9. Gloves
10. Antibacterial solution (for PC)

PC Mouse Cleaning Procedure

With the help of the antibacterial solution thoroughly clean it to stay away from germs and bacteria. To clean the inside of a mechanical mouse, hold it in upside down position, and slightly push the area of the mouse ball with your fingers and turn it in the direction towards “open”. Take the mouse ball out and clean it with a towel. Look inside of the mouse and with the help of a cotton buds take the dust, hair, and other particles out.


You can achieve almost the same cleaning results as a professional will do. The trick is to take your time and use quality products when cleaning your PC Mouse. When you clean your Mouse the 2nd and 3rd time by yourself, the experience with time will give you better results. Save money by cleaning it your self!


As a best practice, you should clean your PC mice regularly to safeguard yourself against bacteria and disease. Perform surface cleaning every single day and deep cleaning once in a week if possible. Keep your computer mouse away from food and drinks.

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