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How to Clean Your Monitor Screen (PC)

A clean monitor screen improves the visual display quality of your PC and also keeps its operational ability in top running condition. It’s a hygienic practice to get rid of the rid of dirt, dust, residue, and fingerprints off your computer monitor screen this will also help you to keep and feel your work area tidy and attractive.

Monitor Screen Cleaning Snippet

1. Switch off your PC and disconnect your monitor.
2. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dist and debris from the monitor vents.
3. Use cleaning wipes to remove dust and fingerprints from the monitor screen.
4. Gently rub and polish the screen. Let it dry.

Can I Clean My Monitor Screen By Myself for Free?

There is a cheap and simple way to clean a computer screen which is free, environmentally safe, and will not ruin your monitor screen if you follow the manufacturer recommendations for that purpose. Here are some tips on how to clean your computer monitor screen. Make sure that you read your computer screen manufacturer guidelines so that you don’t undo what they tell you about cleaning your machine.

Let’s begin to clean but hold on safety first!

To be on the safe side read and follow the guidelines of your keyboard manufacturer for cleaning and disinfection.

Your Monitor Screen Cleaning Kit

You will need the following 10 tools and products to clean your monitor screen at home. Tools will facilitate you in cleaning and the cleaning products will actually remove dir, dist, and residue from your screen.

1. Cleaning fluid (for computers)
2. Wipes (for PCs)
3. Microfiber cloth or clean towel
4. Compressed air can
5. Cleaning brush
6. Vacuum cleaner (with pointy nozzle and brush attachment)
7. Cotton buds
8. A very slim screwdriver
9. Gloves
10. Antibacterial solution (for computers)

Monitor Screen Cleaning Procedure

Make sure your computer monitor is powered off and unplugged from your CPU. With the help of a dry towel first, gently remove the access dust setting on the surface of your monitor. Don’t harshly rub the dry towel over the surface of the monitor or put pressure on the screen this can cause damage to the system. When the access dust is removed, use a vacuum cleaner (with pointy nozzle and brush attachment) to extract the dust, hair, and other tiny particle stuck in the vents of your PC. These dust particles block the cool air circulation to the circuit board of the monitor which may cause overheating and can potentially cause your system to catch fire or completely fail. You can also use the cotton buds to unblock the vents but don’t use the compressed air can as the air blast will push the dust and particles inside the monitor. The trick is to use the air extraction method to suck out the dust, hair, and other particles. For the PC screen apply a small amount of the cleaning solution or spray on a microfiber cloth or on a clean towel and gently rub it over the screen to remove residues. Don’t spray directly on the screen or use a large amount of cleaning solution. For the best cleaning results use computer screen wipes to remove stains, debris, and marks on your screen. If you mistakenly apply more cleaning liquid, you can dry it with the help of a microfiber cloth or any dry clean towel.


You can achieve almost the same cleaning results as a professional will do. The trick is to take your time and use quality products when cleaning your monitor screen. When you clean your monitor screen the 2nd and 3rd time by yourself, the experience with time will give you better results. Save money by cleaning it your self!


As a best practice, you should clean your monitor screen regularly to safeguard yourself against bacteria and disease. Perform surface cleaning every single day and deep cleaning once in a week if possible. Keep your keyboard away from food and drinks.

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