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How to Clean Your Keyboard

To keep your keyboard clean and in top operating condition, it’s a good idea to clean it regularly. This will get rid of dirt, dust, residue, and any other nasty bits and pieces that tend to stay on the surface or inside of your keyboard.

There is a cheap and simple way to deep clean a keyboard which is free, environmentally safe, and will not ruin your keyboard. You should always follow the manufacturer recommendations for the cleaning and maintenance purpose. Here are some easy tips and ways that can help you clean your keyboard for free!

Keyboard Cleaning Snippet

1. Disconnect your keyboard from the PC.
2. Use a compressed air can or vacuum cleaner to wash out the dist and debris from your keyboard.
3. Use cleaning wipes to remove dust from the keyboard and mouse.
4.  Apply antibacterial solution to the keyboard and mouse.

Can I Clean My Keyboard By Myself for Free?

If you have a single or few keyboards you may be able to clean them by yourself but if you are planning to get a large number of keyboards cleaned on a commercial scale then it will be a good idea to look for a professional computer and keyboard cleaning company. This way you will not only save time but will also be assured high standard in cleaning and organised procedures followed by trained professionals in no time.

Let’s begin to clean but hold on safety first!

Disclaimer: Make sure that you read your keyboard manufacturer guidelines so that you don’t undo what they tell you about the cleaning of your keyboard. Also, make sure that you read and understand our Safety Disclaimer before taking any further steps.

Your Keyboard Cleaning Kit

You will need the following 10 tools and products to clean your keyboard at home. Tools will facilitate you in cleaning and the cleaning products will actually remove dir, dist, and residue from your PC keyboard.

1. Cleaning fluid (for keyboards)
2. Wipes (for PCs keyboards)
3. Microfiber cloth or clean towel
4. Compressed air can
5. Cleaning brush
6. Vacuum cleaner (with pointy nozzle and brush attachment)
7. Cotton buds
8. A very slim screwdriver
9. Gloves
10. Antibacterial solution (for keyboards)

Keyboard Inside and Out Cleaning Procedure

Step 1

Before starting the cleaning process, power off your computer and unplug your keyboard which is usually connected to the PC via USB or PS2 cable. Put on your safety gloves for hygiene purpose.

Step 2

I personally prefer to start the cleaning process from the keyboard first, which is the most time-consuming part of your PC cleaning regime. Put your keyboard in upside down position and gently tap its backside with your fingertips. This will release the loose dust, hair, and crumbs that reside between the keys. Repeat this process until all the loose particles stuck inside come out.

Step 3

Now, put your keyboard in the upright position and with the help of a compressed air can, blast the air between the keys to loosen and flush out the remaining dust, hair, and crumbs particles. The jet air pressure will remove the hard stuck particles efficiently if used correctly. When using the compressed air can make sure that you hold the air can in the vertical position so that only the air come out of it and the liquid stays inside at the bottom of the can. Use the air blast periodically and give the air can a slight shake when not in use.

Step 4

Use a vacuum cleaner with a pointy nozzle and brush attached to it to suck out the remaining dust, hair, and crumbs particles stuck deep between the keys. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner air extraction power is set to a moderate level so that it doesn’t damage or pull out the keys on your keyboard. Also, avoid pressing the keys when hoovering the surface of the keypad. You can use a cotton bud or very slim screwdriver to take any object out that is stuck hard inside or between the keys and that can’t be taken out with the air extraction method. When using a screwdriver for this purpose take your time so that you don’t hurt your fingers or damage the keys.

Step 5

Repeat step 3 and step 4 periodically until all the dust, hair, and crumbs particles come out of your keyboard. Now using a brush, clean all surfaces (front, back, and sides) of your keyboard including the keyboard cable. After brushing use the computer wipes to remove stains, debris, and marks from your keyboard. For the best cleaning results apply a small amount of the keyboard cleaning fluid on a microfiber cloth or clean towel and gently rub the entire surface and keys of the keyboard. Don’t use bleach or any other strong cleaning chemicals that will damage your keyboard and are not environment-friendly. Once the cleaning is done then apply a small amount of the antibacterial solution on to the entire surface of the keyboard and on to the keys themselves. It is recommended to use eco-friendly green cleaning products and solutions but if you don’t have these products then you can use lukewarm water which is 100% free!


You can achieve almost the same cleaning results as a professional will do. The trick is to take your time and use quality products when cleaning your keyboard. When you clean your keyboard the 2nd and 3rd time by yourself, the experience with time will give you better results. Save money by cleaning it your self!


As a best practice, you should clean your keyboard regularly to safeguard yourself against bacteria and disease. Perform surface cleaning every single day and deep cleaning once in a week if possible. Keep your keyboard away from food and drinks.

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