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How to Clean Earrings?

Every woman desires to have clean and sparkling earrings. Earrings add charm and glow to your face. With proper cleaning procedure, you will definitely achieve a shiny and new looking earring in a little span of time.

The things that you will need are 2 bowls, warm water, distilled water, lint-free cloth or soft cotton cloth, rubber gloves, 3 % hydrogen peroxide and jewellery box.

Here are the easy steps in cleaning your earrings:

• Put on your rubber gloves. Place a rubber mat in the area where you would like to clean your earrings.

• Get a small glass bowl and pour in half a cup of hydrogen peroxide.

• Drop the earrings inside the bowl with hydrogen peroxide.

• Allow the earrings to soak for 5 to 10 minutes. The peroxide acts in loosening dirt particles that penetrate the crevices.

• Remove your earrings out of the bowl and set it aside on paper towels.

• Use a toothpick to remove remaining dirt in the crevices and cracks of your earrings.

• Rinse the earrings with warm running water. Make sure to remove hydrogen peroxide residue.

• Get another bowl and pour in distilled water. Put the earrings inside the bowl and let it sit for a few minutes.

• Take the earrings out and wipe it with a soft cotton cloth or a lint-free cloth.

• Allow the earrings to completely dry.

• Place your earrings in a small airtight plastic bag and put it inside your jewellery box.

Regular cleaning with earrings is essential so as to avoid any forms of ear infection. You can also soak the earrings overnight for deep cleaning. Avoid using strong cleaning solution as this can make your earrings dry and produce cloudy appearance on its stone.

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