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How to Clean Your Computer (PC)

To clean a disty, dirty, and grimy computer can take few munites to a good portion of an hour. Don’t panic! Depending on the state of cleanliness of your PC, products & tools that you have handy, and the cleaning procedure that you follow can make a lot of difference when you plan to clean your computer by yourself.

To Wipe down the Computer

1. Before you begin to clean the computer or start the sanitisation process, turn off the CPU and unplug the devices to avoid any electric short circuit.
2. To clean a computer never use an excessive amount of cleaning liquid or force.
3. Wash out the dust and debris from the computer keyboard using a compressed air can or computer vacuum cleaner.
4. To clean the dust from the computer case, use the air extraction or air flush inside out method.
5. Swab between the vents on the computer case and keys to remove the hidden dirt, crumbs, and soil.
6. Gently scrub the computer monitor using cleaning wipes or sponge and workout with screen cleaning liquid or spray to cleanse the screen.
7. Wipe the computer mouse and scrub its bottom to remove the sticky residues.
8. To finish the job polish all surfaces of the computer and disinfect with the computer antibacterial solution to destroy bacteria and germs.

Can I Clean My Computer By Myself for Free?

We all know time is money but hey! Here we show you few quick secret tips and ways which can help you clean your PC for free or with little cost at the comfort of your home that could help you save you time and some money. We love it when it is cheap and environmentally safe, don’t we?

Let’s begin to clean but hold on safety first!

Disclaimer: Make sure that you have read your computer’s manufacturing company booklet, in particular, the cleaning and health care section of the guide so that you don’t overrule their recommendations. Also, make sure that you read and understand our Safety Disclaimer before taking any further steps.

Your Computer Cleaning Kit

You will need a small kit of the following 10 tools and products to clean your computer at home. Tools will facilitate you in cleaning and the cleaning products will actually remove dir, dist, and residue from your PC.

1. Cleaning fluid (for computers)
2. Wipes (for PCs)
3. Microfiber cloth or clean towel
4. Compressed air can
5. Cleaning brush
6. Vacuum cleaner (with a pointy nozzle and brush attached)
7. Cotton buds
8. A very slim screwdriver
9. Gloves
10. Antibacterial solution (for computers)

PC Inside and Outside Cleaning Procedure

Step 1

Before starting the cleaning process, switch off your computer and unplug the power, keyboard and mouse cables. Put on your gloves for the hygiene and protection purpose of your hands and fingers.

Step 2

Keyboard: Keep it in the upside down position and gently tap the back side of your keyboard with your fingertips to release the loose dust, hair, and crumbs. Now with the help of a compressed air can blast the air between the keys to loosen and flush out the remaining dust, hair, and crumbs particles. Use a vacuum cleaner with a pointy nozzle and brush attached to it and suck out the dust, hair, and crumbs particles stuck deep between the keys. A cotton bud or very slim screwdriver will help you remove the fine particles. Repeat the process until you get the required cleaning results. Use computer wipes to remove stains, debris, and marks from your keyboard. Apply a small amount the computer antibacterial solution on the entire surface of the keyboard including the keys. Check the detailed information and step by step process on How to Deep Clean Your PC Keyboard Inside and Out?

Step 3

Monitor Screen: When powered off, with the help of a dry towel first, gently remove the access dust setting on the surface of your monitor. Use a vacuum cleaner (with a pointy nozzle and brush attached to it) to extract the dust, hair, and other tiny particle stuck deep in the vents of your PC to allow cool air circulation. For the PC screen apply a small amount of the cleaning solution or spray on a microfiber cloth or on a clean towel and or use computer screen wipes and gently rub it over the screen to remove the fingerprints and residues. Check the detailed information and step by step process on How to Deep Clean Your Monitor Screen Inside and Out?

Step 4

CPU and Case: With the help of a vacuum cleaner extract all the dust, hair, and other particles from the vents at the front and back of the CPU case to allow cool air circulation deep inside to the components of the computer. With the help of a cotton bud and cleaning brush gently clean the computer fan. Using a vacuum cleaner extract all the dist and particles from the fan to help it spin freely. Check the detailed information and step by step process on How to Deep Clean Your Computer CPU and Case Inside and Out?

Step 5

Computer Mouse: To clean the deep inside of a mechanical mouse, hold it in upside down position, and slightly push the area of the mouse ball with your fingers and turn it in the direction towards “open”. Take the mouse ball out and clean it with a towel. Look inside of the mouse and with the help of a cotton buds take the dust, hair, and other particles out setting deep inside the mouse. Apply computer antibacterial and cleaning solution throughout on the outer surface of the mouse. Check the detailed information and step by step process on How to Deep Clean Your Computer Mouse Inside and Out?


You can achieve almost the same cleaning results as a professional will do. The trick is to take your time and use quality products when cleaning your computer. When you clean your computer the 2nd and 3rd time by yourself, the experience with time will give you better results. Save money by cleaning it your self!


As a best practice, always keep your computer machine clean to help it retain its top operating condition. Perform surface cleaning every second week and deep cleaning once in a month if possible. Keep your computer away from food and drinks.

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