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How to Clean CD and DVD?

In instances when you find yourself having difficulty playing discs, this could be due to seriously damaged discs or discs needing necessary cleaning. Knowing how to do CD cleaning can come in handy because it is one important aspect when it comes to disc maintenance. When it comes to rental discs doing quick cleaning for the disc to play even more easily can ensure that no dust is introduced to the DVD/CD player. Cleaning your discs is very important especially when reading data since dust or even small scratches will likely result in data corruption.

Oftentimes, all that discs would require is some quick dusting by ideally using cloth specifically-designed for CD cleaning. You can use a soft cloth that is lint-free when removing dust from DVD and CD discs. You need to hold your disc in pincer grip using a finger along its edge and then in its hole found in its middle not touching its shiny portion. Gently move cloth in a radial motion outwards from its middle. Never rub your disc or even move cloth material in circular directions. You should also refrain from following the disc’s circular lines.

If your disc still has that dirty look or still not playing properly even after the dusting, then it means that serious cleaning needs to be done. There are companies that manufacture chemical formulas specifically for DVD cleaning purposes, however, you may also use the cleaning supplies in your household. Examples of best cleaners would be the rubbing alcohol, however, using a solution of mild soap or even warm water is also acceptable. You need to avoid using solvents considered heavy duty though when cleaning your CD because they can do damage to your disc.

Put some cleaning solution in a clean cloth that is lint-free then wipe your disc radially. When using liquid material for CD cleaning, you need to make sure that you wipe off any excess liquid and not to put your disc back to its packaging while still wet. You have to allow complete drying of your disc first before playing it. Usually, when using alcohol or cleaning solution specific for CD cleaning, the cleaner will dry immediately and though not that much of a concern, you still need to check for marks and spots that can interfere with the clean play.

There are instances when the disc will still not play properly even after the cleaning because of the scratches. There are now companies that manufacture products to resurface the discs and smoothen out the scratches so you can play them again. These products are quite effective however it still depends on how badly serious or severe the disc’s damage has been. It is always good to have backup data as your discs are repaired, in case the discs fail again.

When playing DVD and CD disks every day, you must be familiar when it comes to cleaning these vulnerable type of plastic disks.

A lot of adults are very much aware and know that touching the DVD disc’s playing surface will leave fingerprints, stains, smudges, and scratches, which are a big no-no. We have DVDs from local libraries and these pass through other people’s hands and become smudged thus a touch-up type of cleaning is always needed in order to have a disc that plays well. When playing dirty DVDs, the discs will skip or freeze up on selected scenes. There are also instances when the discs would stop. Upon inspecting the disk’s playing surface using some excellent lighting, one will be able to see some smudges, which will then say if disc cleaning becomes necessary and a must.

Cleaning Materials

A piece of soft immaculate cloth, which should be clean, preferably microfiber or cotton is the best type of cleaning material would be A clean handkerchief can also be used. Another important matter to consider is never making use a piece of paper when cleaning a CD/DVD disks. Paper is a material that is known as mildly abrasive, which will only leave a scratch on the disk’s playing surface area.

Cleaning Method for DC and DVD

One ideal method of cleaning CD/DVD disks is moistening clean cloth made of cotton with Windex and wiping cloth in a light manner over the smudges, fingerprints, and dirt. You begin wiping from your disc’s centre in an outward motion toward the edge. Refrain from wiping in a circular manner because it will only spread oil all over the disc. Outward straight strokes can remove the dirt. You have to let your disk stand on its edge for at least a minute to dry. To keep clean, hold the disk on its edge. It’s not a difficult technique but practising the technique first with an old CD/DVD disk would be a nice idea.

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