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Company Profile

Computer Cleaning Company was established in 2010, we supply affordable and reliable cleaning solutions for small to medium and corporate enterprises. We realise that computer cleaning is important for every business regardless of size. We offer a wide range of services across the UK and help to improve the hygiene level of your office environment.

We believe our computer cleaning company is performing better over the years. This is because of our name recognition, innovation, market share, customer care, and a number of other attributes that makes us good company stand out from the others in London and nationwide in the UK. So, what is it about computer cleaning that makes it a better company.

Attributes That Makes Us the Best Computer Cleaning Company

1. Competitive Advantage

Differentiation advantage is when a company provides a superior service or product for the same price charged by the market. The cleaning cost advantage is when a company provides the same cleaning service or product as the market but at a lower price. Porter collectively refers to these as “positional advantages” because they define the firm’s position as having the leading service or product in its specific industry. He also states that these advantages cannot be sustained for any length of time because the promise of economic rents invites competition. At Computer Cleaning offer services at affordable prices.

2. Name Recognition

In recent years there has been much talk of the word ‘branding.’ This is important on a number of levels but mostly because you want customers (and potential customers!) to recognize you by name. When they think of your service or product you want them to immediately think your company. You want your name to be the first ‘thought association’ when your company is mentioned. How about Computer Cleaning as company name!

We tend to take the value of name recognition for granted when looking at a cleaning company’s status. The brand name like has become synonymous with the cleaning services that we offer. The problem with name recognition is placing a value on that name, and there is no easy way to do that. A name only has qualitative value, but it can provide a long-term relationship between a company’s products or services and its customers. While it can be debated whether this trait alone makes a company good, when combined with the other characteristics it can be a powerful source of success.

3. Above-Average Management

The quality of a cleaning management is a big factor in whether a company is successful, and an important attribute in any management team is a blend of experience. Experienced managers can not only lead a company through market cycles, but they can also provide mentorship for the next generation of managers. Another telling attribute is when management tends to stay at a company for a long period of time. Talented managers can be swayed to move from company to company with handsome compensation packages, but tend to stay at companies where they like to work and they believe in their company’s future successes. At have talented managers at computer cleaning that you can trust on.

4. Market Leadership

One of the most important characteristics of becoming a good computer cleaning company is market leadership. Leadership can come in many forms, but the reputation that comes along with this tag is priceless. The label of “industry standard” is one that every company strives for. Examples include leading the market in quality, innovation, customer service or even warranties.

5. Employees Enjoy Coming to Work!

There is nothing more devastating to a business than employees who hate their jobs. Not only does this bode ill for productivity but it also affects their relationship with clients and potential clientele. Anyone who has ever been in sales knows that the best way to close a deal is to be confident in your product and the underlying company. If you can’t be excited about your product or service, how can you expect customers to have faith in what you have to offer? Employees at Computer Cleaning enjoy what they do!

5. Nationwide Service Coverage

At Computer Cleaning, we are there when and where you need us. We provide cleaning services in London and nationwide in the UK.

Our Company’s Head Office in London

8b Accommodation Road
Golders Green, London, NW11 8ED

Tel: 0800-689-1012
Email: [email protected]

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