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Waste Management

The following section describes the waste management methods:

What is waste management?

Waste management deals with tackling or managing the waste after it is produced. A lot of effort has to be used in managing the waste, the easiest solution being it or burn it.

However, the prime aim should be to reduce the production of waste. Waste reduction deals with the problem before the waste is produced rather than managing it after it has been produced.

Priorities to Tackle the Problem

Thus our priorities to tackle the problem of waste management should be in the order as shown below:

First Priority

The first priority is waste Prevention.

• Change in the manufacturing process to stop the production of harmful chemicals
• Useless of harmful resources or materials
• Reduce packaging materials in products
• Make products that last longer and are easy to repair

Second Priority

The second priority is the reuse and recycle.

• Reuse products
• Repair products
• Recycle
• Compost (biodegradable)
• Reassembled/recyclable products

Third Priority

The third priority is the waste management.

• Treat waste material to reduce toxicity
• Bury waste in landfills
• Incinerate waste
• Release waste into the environment for dispersal and dilution

The three Rs strategy of waste management involves reducing, reuse and recycle.

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