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Mobile Phone Data Removal

Although the exact steps for clearing all information from your mobile phone and tablet is
different for each brand and model, the general process is the same.

1. Remove the memory card, if your device has one.
2. Remove the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card.
3. Under Settings, select Master Reset, Wipe Memory, Erase All Content and Settings, or a similarly worded option. You might need to enter a password you have set or contact a
local store that sells the equipment for assistance with a factory-set password.
4. Physically destroy the memory card and SIM card, or store them in a safe place.
(Memory cards can typically be reused, and SIM cards can be reused in a phone that has
the same carrier.)
5. Ensure that your account has been terminated and/or switched to your new device.
For detailed information about your particular device, you can consult the online documentation or
the staff at your local store.

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