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Hand Sanitisers

Many people use hand sanitizers instead of soap and water when washing their hands. Hands should always be washed with soap and water when possible because sanitizers don’t remove dirt, and germs can hide under the dirt and remain on the hands. When you can’t wash your hands, the CDC recommends using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer containing more than 60% alcohol. Children are at greater risk of harm from hand sanitizers because they can lick the residue off their hands and ingest the ingredients in the sanitizer.

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Computer Cleaning

Computer cleaning is basically a professional service that helps to remove dust and germs from your office keyboard and telephones. Meaning, it renews the physical state of computer equipment using…

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Keyboard Cleaning

Keyboard cleaning is a service that involves the overall removal of dust/debris, bacteria/germs, and harmful residues from inside and outside. The most important purpose of deep cleaning and sanitising the…

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Monitor Cleaning

Monitor cleaning is a specialist service that involves the removal of dirt, dust, and fingerprints from the computer screen. A deep clean or spring cleaning process of a monitor, LCD,…

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Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is a specialist service that many cleaning companies not fully understanding what is required. We have a dedicated team of cleaning operatives who specialise in deep cleaning. In…

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Specialist Services

Our services team is here to ensure we continue to deliver and drive the best customer experience. Our goal is to make sure that we knowingly deliver great service experiences…

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