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Computer Repair

Computer Repair is a technical activity that involves diagnosis and fixing the computer hardware and software related issues. Meaning, the repair tasks of a computer include building or configuration of new hardware, installation and update of software and antivirus packages, and maintain & fixing its components.

Computer Repair Technician

A person who repairs and resolves a wide variety of software and hardware-related issues faced by the home and business computer user is called a computer repair technician. They identify PC, Desktop & Laptop issues and apply appropriate skills, knowledge, and tools to fix those issues.

12 Common Computer Repair issues

1. Hardware Breakdown

A computer physical breakdown is the mechanical failure of the computer parts and components. In this scenario, the underlying problem prevents a computer from being operated at all or impedes the computer’s operation so much, that it is very difficult, nearly impossible, or else dangerous to operate. Physical breakdowns can occur for a large number of reasons and the repair of the hardware may become a mandatory issue for the computer to operate.

2. Software Breakdown

Software breakdown or software corruption is the deterioration or damage of computer operating system or program caused by human, hardware and software error. There are various causes and also possible steps that you can take to prevent data corruption from happening. There are several signs to take note as you access your computer daily to make sure that your computer software is in good repair condition. This need not necessarily be a conscious act of scrutiny. But as you work around with your machine and stumble upon a hiccup, it may be advisable to check your disks and files for errors to minimise the chances of further extensive damage. Alike your physical health always performs a checkup when you sense something dubious.

These are some of the common signs of computer software corruption:

  • Files and folders are relocated or missing
  • Open file error (such as invalid file format
  • Files are renamed with gibberish characters
  • File permissions and attributes are modified
  • Computer frequently crashes and hang without apparent reasons
  • Slow disk operation
  • Disk activities appear to be very busy even there are no much things going on

3. Computer Requires Upgrade

It may seem tempting to delay downloading update software, but failing to do so leaves you computer to huge security risks and means you’ll miss out on improved functionality. While the latest updates are great for the everyday person, the importance of this can’t be emphasised enough if you’re a business owner.

As quickly as software providers find ways to fix exploitable holes in their software, hackers have found new ones. It’s a never-ending game of cat and mouse that software companies are caught up in with cybercriminals in order to protect their consumers. Don’t put your computer systems at risk by failing to utilise the latest software update or you may live to spend a large sum of money on your computer repair.

4. Software and Hardwar Compatibility Issues

Software and hardware compatibility means the components those can be replaced because they have the same properties and mostly the same or similar design. But, replaced with what? One computer component may be compatible to another with a different label. The components can then be replaced because they have the same properties and mostly the same or similar design. This often erroneously used synonymously with interoperability. Under compatibility the technology either of :

Interchangeability of components
Compatibility of properties
Equivalence of properties

5. Computer Battery and Power Supply Issues

If the power supply has an indicator light that does not illuminate when connected to the mains then the power supply (or the mains fuse) must be faulty. The power supply in this instance should not be connected to the computer as some motherboard faults cause the power supply light to flash or extinguish.

If the power supply becomes very hot when in use then it may be faulty or be of the wrong rating for the computer. It is easy to mix up similar units between computers. Check that the rating on the computer i.e. Volts and Amps match the charger rating. The charger should show the same voltage as the computer, however, the current should be the same or higher from the charger. Sometimes when the charger becomes very hot then it may turn off and come back on again when it has cooled down. However, this is not a safe option and it should be replaced immediately.

6. Network Connectivity Issues

There are many hardware or software issues that may cause network connectivity issues. We recommend that you verify your network cables and switch or router ports are tested working. Any kind of switch or router security such as MAC address filtering should be disabled during testing if you are having issues. If none of these steps helps you then you may want to reimage the unit to make sure it isn’t a corrupted operating system issue. There is no one spot to start with and this article is just a guide to some steps to try and isolate where the issue is.

7. Virus attack and antivirus scanning

8. Backup and Restore (lost of photos and files)

9. Computer Slow Response

10. Computer Broken Screen

11. Broken Laptop

12. Dirty Computer


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